Steve Manuel

Partner, Clean it Up

By every world-class quality and product standard, from engineering, tech support to sales, admin and more, Eagle Manufacturing Company is at the very top of our list for excellence with companies we do business with. It is an ongoing pleasure to be able to work with staff at this fine company and the products just keep getting better and better.

Ron Dunkelberger

Bimbo Bakeries

Since the day that I was directed to Customer Service to get orders placed and shipped on time, it has been an extreme pleasure doing business with Eagle Manufacturing. We appreciate our relationship in the past and look forward to continued business in the future.

Michael Bronstein

Bronstein Container Co., Inc.

Bronstein Container is a 4th Generation Distributor of Industrial Packaging. Our success and longevity come from the level of service that we provide to our customers. Without having top-quality products, backed by reputable manufacturers, we wouldn’t be able to continue this tradition with our customers. This is precisely why we’ve been partnered with Eagle Manufacturing for nearly 15 years.

One thing that separates Eagle from other manufacturers is their genuine interest in their customers’ needs. ...Around ten years ago, I was having a conversation with Joe Eddy, who told me that they were looking to expand the product line, and asked if there were any items that we’d like to see in the line-up. I shared our desire for a nestable drum that was in the ball-park of 15-gallons in size. Some time had passed, but before we knew it we were looking at drawings and giving our feedback on a prototype drum, which later became the “1610MB.” Today, Joe will tell you that the “MB” is an abbreviation for the drum having a Metal Ring and being Blue in color. But, we both know that the “MB” really stands for Michael Bronstein – LOL.

Rather than being told what we want, the folks at Eagle asked what we need, listened and responded. In today’s business climate, that is a welcome and refreshing change of pace.